Fermented food for life

The Side Hustle

Now, here is my side hustle. We have a high cost of living here so I always have a hustle.  The hustle wears you out as a mom, unless it energizes you.  Food, and the creation of it, energizes me.  Nutrition and all it’s geeky components energize me.  I’m an introvert with nearly no time to myself so having a few minutes in my busy life to create something and then get to share it with other busy, slightly insane moms also energizes me.  Especially if I can manage it in the little window when children are at school or my little one is busy at play.

This blog is meant to feed my soul and yours, but also to help put food on the table.  At this stage I’m not selling cookbooks, but rather giving away recipes.  If you really like my recipes and want to thank me, you can totally feel free to buy me a cup of coffee.  I will not complain.  But if you’re a mom like me on a budget and trying to feed your family as nutritiously as you can manage, I totally get that a few dollars is an extravagance. 

More often than not I have milk kefir grains available for sale. I have found I’m allergic to Ginger so I have phased out of having Ginger Beer Plant around to share.

If you live locally I am open to food swaps and shares. I have a few friends and acquaintances I have worked out trades with. Bring what you grow or part of your bulk purchases and I’ll happily take a share and trade in ferments. I would love to get a wider food swap going at some point but most people who do that in my area deal in heated preserves whereas I prefer preservation through fermentation.

That’s my schpeal… and you won’t hear much more about it.

I hope you really do enjoy my creations.  It is a kind of love language for me, and I cook for a family with widely different taste buds so the recipes will be varied from bitter-bitter sweet and spicy to plain and simple “fooled you” nutritious.

Coconut coffee

Click here to help this venture continue, or to thank me with a cup of coffee and some peace and quiet. 😉

Be aware of your blessings,

Brenna xo