Secret Ingredient Keto Flaxseed Wraps!

Secret Ingredient Keto Flaxseed Wraps!

Makes about 4 wraps

Everyone has a keto flax wrap recipe it seems. Probably because they are so easy and quick to make and have less than 1 carb per wrap. If you can handle the omega-3 fatty acid smell (some people find it fishy) then these are a real boon. They also help regulate hormones, are helpful for digestion and lowering blood sugars and blood pressure and are high in antioxidants (lignans). Yay, yay and triple yay. I add spices to mine and my secret B vitamin ingredient: Vegemite! I often make these for our date nights as they’re easy to fill and we can eat on the go. They keep well in the fridge so I tend to make a double batch. If you have a high powered blender or food processor you can use whole flaxseeds but if you don’t I have a trick, so don’t fret. These are great for any type of wrap… as well as a great mock tortilla for quesadillas and soft tacos. I love them with cultured jalapenos and casero cheese! As Cinco De Mayo is coming up it’s a great substitute!

Ingredients for single batch:

*If you add 2-3 tsp konjac root powder to ground flaxseed you will get the same result as with re-blending with a bit more kneading. If you are not vegan or vegetarian, 1-2 scoops collagen peptides will do the trick as well.

**a couple of my favorite combinations are: 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder, 1/4 teaspoon onion powder, 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano or thyme OR 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder, 1/4 teaspoon onion powder, 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika or chipotle or ancho chili powder


  • Blend your flaxseeds or flaxseed meal in a blender until fine. You can either add your spices and other dry ingredients (konjac/collagen) to this grind and re-pulse to blend or add them to your pot of boiling water and whisk to combine.
  • Bring your water to a boil and if you haven’t already, add your salt and spices.
  • Turn off the heat, pour your ground flaxseed and konjac/collagen into the boiling water and begin stirring immediately with a wooden spoon or heat safe silicone spatula/paddle until it forms a ball. Add flaxseed meal as needed or a tiny bit more konjac root if it has not formed a ball after 2 minutes.
  • You can roll these out with parchment paper but I find it easier with silicone mats and a rolling pin.
  • Divide your tortilla dough into 4 parts and roll each one out between the parchment or silicone mats until you have about a 10″-12″ tortilla. Carefully peel away the top mat/parchment sheet by pulling it back parallel to the top.
  • Take a circular pan lid of 10″-12″ and place it on the tortilla. Gently cut around the lid but be careful not to cut the parchment or silicone mat. Peel away the outside of the ring and set aside.
  • Carefully place the wrap (still stick to the parchment) flax side down on a hot cast iron griddle or large non-stick frying pan. Carefully peel away the parchment as above.
  • Let cook for 1-2 minutes and then flip (I can usually roll out the next one in this time)
  • Repeat until you have cooked all the wraps

Above: From forming the ball to the finished tortilla, left to right and top to bottom.

Fill them with whatever you like and roll them up or make quesadillas!

I have found they keep quite well in the fridge (3-7 days).

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